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Gold Bar Wall Clock

Gold bar is manufactured from Gold Ingot. Some people call gold bar as gold bullion also. I created this Free Flash Clock called MatsClock 1081 in .swf format to look as if it is a gold bar cut into the shape of clock face chiseled with some geometrical patterns along with three golden hour, minutes and seconds needles that show time passing by very elegantly. Normally, gold bar is like a biscuit in shape and has much dull clour compared to this MatsClock. I gave this clock face a little artistic work radiating from the center of the clock face to resemble pure gold reflecting the light. Overall the gold clock does look beautiful and shows the accurate time using your computer clock settings.


How is Gold Bar made?

Large Gold bar or gold bullion is made by pouring molten gold into moulds called ingots. Where as making smaller gold bars are done by minting or stamping pure rolled sheets of gold. Usually a gold bar weighs 1000 grams accurately or 32.15 troy ounces. Gold bars are made from gold lying around. Yes, you heard it right. Gold generally is found in the form of small nuggets which people find with their naked eyes. Lucky ones who found big nuggets of gold. But gold was industrially extracted from alluvium ores by pumping water under high pressures. Gold was found to be soluble in in a water and cyanide solution in 1783. But an industrial process was developed inly in the 19th century to economically extract gold. But human beings have been smelting gold as early as 6000 BC.


Why is Gold Bar Wall Clock so Heavy?

Gold has a relative density of 19.3. Or one litre volume of water weighs 1 kg and one litre volume of gold will weigh 19.3 kg. This means that a gold bar of 1000 grams has 1/19.3 volume of 1000 grams of water. In other words, a gold bar of 1000 grams has a volume of just 51.80 cubic centimeter compared to 1000 cubic centimeter volume of water for the same weight.

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A clock made of pure gold bar of one centimeter thickness and a diameter  of say 20 centimeter will have a volume of 62.85714 cubic centimeters which will weigh 1.2131 kilograms. If we calculate the cost of gold taken as say 40 USD per gram, then this clock face is going to cost you 48525.71 US dollars. Buying a clock made of solid gold bar is too costly. But since the cost of gold keeps appreciating with time, this Gold Bar clock is going to be an asset. The problem is that your would not like to hang this wall clock anywhere except inside a safe or a vault.


Gold Bar Wall Clock Goes Underground

Amazingly, gold comes from underground. People dig it out, refine it to make gold bars and gold jewellery. But it takes no time for the gold bar or jewellery to go back underground. A gold bar costs nearly 50,000 US dollars and a gold bar or gold bar wallclock like MatsClock 1081 cannot be left hanging on the wall. There are people called thiefs who will steal it and run away with it in no time. So, even if the gold bar clock was to be manufactured, it has to be taken into an underground safe locker, out of reach for everyone. That is why gold is good to hold but bad for any country's economy.



World Gold Bar Holdings

The world today has over 171,300 tonnes of gold as of year 2014,of which Jewellery takes up about 84,300 tonnes. Gold bars account for 33,000 tonnes. Central banks hold about 29.500 tonnes. About 20,800 tonnes of gold is used by industries. As usual we have about 3700 tonnes of unaccounted gold as well. Thieves, I told you.



Country Gold Bar Holding

A country's wealth is measured in some terms with respect to the amount of gold it holds. USA holds over 8100 tonnes of gold, Germany is next with over 3380 tonnes of gold, International Monetary Fund stands third with about 2800 tonnnes of gold, Italy is fourth with over 2450 tonnes of gold, France follows at fifth place with 2430 tonnes of gold, Russia stands sixth with 1170 tonnes of gold, China stands at 7th position with about 1050 tonnes of gold and Switzerland stands 8th with 1040 tonnes of gold. Rest all other countries hold under 1000 tonnes of gold including Japan at 9th place with just about 760 tonnes of gold.



Gold Bar is Bad for Economy

Gold once dug out and refined into pure gold is sold as gold bars, coins, jewellery etc. Industrial goods are also made out of gold. But once the gold reaches a consumer, it is either worn as jewellery or is kept in bank lockers. The gold bar does not go round changing hands so often. Unless things are not sold and bought, money does not change hands and governments do not get sales taxes on gold. Compare gold bars with land and you can see that land changes hands continuously and a country's government makes a killing on these land sales in terms of taxes. But gold going into bank safe lockers or jewellery worn for ever by ladies and handed down for generations does not generate taxes like land does. This means gold comes from underground and goes underground for ever giving no boost to economy of a country. Thus gold bars are really bad for economy of any country.



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