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Pendulum Grandfather Clock

MatsClock 1083 is a Pendulum Grandfather Clock. The pendulum has been used since the past century or more to keep time. The pendulum in a grandfather clock swings left and right at a constant pace. Irrespective of the distance the pendulum moves left and right, the time taken is amazingly the same. The further the pendulum swings the faster it crosses the lowermost point to maintain the time. So you will find the pendulum swinging at different speeds in different grandfather clocks and now you know why. In fact a tall wooden antique grandfather clock might have a pendulum over a meter long and the pendulum swinging looks as if it is super slow.

Buy Pendulum Clocks

A lot of people today want to buy a pendulum clock for their homes and even offices. The modern pendulum clocks you buy from any clock store are not real. This is because it is a battery which runs the clock needles and the same battery or a separate battery would be used to power the pendulum swinging movement. Thus when the pendulum battery runs out the pendulum will stop swinging and if it the clock movement battery running out of power then you will see the clock stopped, but the clock pendulum is still swinging. This will give a bad look to your home or office. Thus if you are buying a pendulum clock, then do not think about the money you spend, instead think about the quality of the pendulum clock. I would recommend you buy a grandfather pendulum clock rather than modern day pendulum clock running on battery instead of a solid steel spring.

Buy GrandFather Clocks

Buy a Grandfather Clock to go back in time into the history. The grandfather clock is usually made of solid high quality wood so that it lasts a century or more. Thus buying a grandfather clock is never a waste despite the high cost of wood and the brass clock movement inside the clock that maintains time with a lot of intermeshed gears. In addition, the grandfather clock has a pendulum which gives the elegance and beauty to the clock by its graceful slow motion swing. Just looking at the pendulum swinging in a grandfather clock is a big stress buster in itself. It is a beautiful feeling to actually be able to see time pass by beautifully. The antique value of a grandfather pendulum clock only increases with time. So even if you buy a grandfather pendulum clock at a premium, a few years later its value will only continue to increase like the price of gold.

Pendulum Clock Time

Pendulum clock time is fairly accurate. The pendulum is working on a physics formula T=2pi(sqrt(L/G))  where T is the time the pendulum takes to complete one swing cycle or from center to left extreme, then right extreme and return back to the center. L is the length of the center of gravity of the pendulum from the pivot point of swing. G is the gravity of 9.81 meters per second square. Now the problem is that as the day heats up, the metal with which pendulum is made elongates and thus the time of swing increases during day. Similarly the pendulum length reduces as temperature drops in the night. This actually gets cancelled out almost. But as the season changes and the average temperature keeps increasing till summer and then reduces till the winter, the pendulum length changes cause a time slow down and speedup. The user may need to adjust the pendulum length using a small adjusting screw once a week or so. In spite of this small problem pendulum grandfather clock beats all other clocks hands down in elegance, antique value and professional look as well as in beauty.

Winding GrandFather Clock Spring

All old Grandfather Pendulum Clocks run on a flat tape made of steel coiled like a spring. There is a key provided with which you can wind the spring. The energy stored in the tightly wound steel spring will power the pendulum swining movement and this inturn will keep the time by a set of brass gears that will run the hour needle and the minutes needle. Seconds needle is normally not there because the pendulum swing is already there to tell you that the clock is very much in working condition. In case there is chime or bell then there will be an additional spring that needs to be wound which powers the clock chime bell. The gear mechanism is such that there are twelve groves or 24 groves on it. When ever a lever falls into these deep grooves, it triggers another set of gears and a mechanical fan that starts making two or three small brass hammers strike a gong or a long slender brass rods to give that beautiful clock chime which is so pleasing to the ears.

Pendulum GrandFather Clock Antique Value

 The pleasure of watching a working grandfather pendulum clock and hearing the clock chime is a life time experience which today you can get only in memory because most of these grandfather pendulum clocks have ended up in museums and are too costly due to their antique value to buy even for a relatively rich person. The grandfather pendulum clock is today a collectors item. You have to be lucky to get hold of a real antique pendulum clock just a few decades old. Buying a grandfather pendulum clock of early 19th century is mostly a dream to most of us thanks to their huge cost. I would say buying a grandfather pendulum clock that is within your budget is a good thing as it will be admired by your friends, relatives and visitors to your home or office and will earn you a lot of money a few years later.

Modern Pendulum GrandFather Clock Working

It is possible to design a grandfather pendulum clock with some firms who are experts in this art. These modern day pendulum clocks may look better than the old grandfather clocks, but use low quality wood, light weight alloy gears in the clock movement machinery, alloy or steel pendulums none of which is likely to last long and unlikely to fetch you much value after a few decades. But certainly, they will make your office and home look elegant much more than using a normal clock dial or a digital clock. But if you are a connoisseur then go and pickup the best pendulum grandfather clock available in the market or online today before it is too late.


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