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Day Night Analog Clock Face

MatsClock 1084 is designed to change its Analog clock face colour into a bright red after sunset. Scroll down to the end of the page to view the SWF version of MatsClock 1084 working live. Or you can click or touch the picture of the clock face above to run this free flash clock full screen. The aim of this Analog Clock Face colour change is to protect your eyes. I am sure that you know how a human eye works. Green light is very soothing to the eyes by day. The earth is mostly green when seen by day. At night, it takes about half an hour to get adapted to night vistion using mostly the cones in the eyes.


Viewing Day Night Analog Clock Face

Green light has too much luminosity and it spoils night vision. But red light is not detected by the rods which are responsible for night vision. Hence I gave red as the Analog Clock Face colour by night. This change over happens automatically at 8 pm and 6 am. You can change your computer time to these and see the change over happening right on this web page. So if you set any time in your computer clock between 8 pm and 6 am through mid night, the clock face becomes red and setting any time in your computer between 6 am to 8 pm, this MatsClock 1084 displays a green clock dial. But after changing time in your computer you may have to wait for a minute or two at times to see the analog clock face change its colour. This is because your internet browser takes a minute or more to refresh.

Buy Day Night Analog Clock

Most Analog clock you can buy in your local market or buy online will have a fixed clock face which does not change colour with time. However, it is possible to Download this MatsClock 1084 colour changing Analog Clock and view time on your computer that does protects your eyes. There are however many day and night Analog clocks available online today that has the capability to change colour with time which will please your eyes. You can even buy Analog Wallclocks that have digital clock faces and is capable of changing colour and even the clock needles and clock markings without any problem. The cost would just be a little too high. However, with Matsclock 1084 you can show a colour changing clock to suite your day time requirements as well as your night or sleeping time clock that won't hurt you when you wake up at night and look at your clock for time.

Buy Analog Clock Face

Why buy analog clocks with different colours for day and night viewing? Often it may not be possible to buy a clock for day and another analog wallclock for the night. People often buy a photo frame that shows continuously changing photos with a clock either on top of the photo or a clock displayed on the top or bottom cornet. Yet when you wake up at night when your eyes are not ready to focus on anything you need to look at a large analog wallclock or a back lit wrist watch with its lights on to read time. Thus it is a good idea to buy a wall mounted analog clock that has the needles in a colour that stand out from its back ground for easy reading of time. This is where the clock face with a red background will be important. Red light does not hurt your eyes and the rods which is sensitive only to the luminosity of light and not its colour will let you read time instantly without hurting your eyes.

Day Night Analog Clock Time

At night when people work they have either low intensity lights or dim their lights. This is because your eyes will start getting adapted to the existing light as the night progress. A normal light will start hurting your eyes in about half an hour. This means you need lesser and lesser light as you go into to darkness with time. Hence, your analog clock face also needs to be changed in intensity as night hours pass. A better way is to use a colour for the analog clock face that will not hurt your eyes which is Red colour. Reading time becomes that much easier on analog clock face glowing red irrespective of the amount of time you have been in darkness. However, you do need to reduce the computer monitor screen illumination to ensure that the analog clock face maintains its soothing effect.

Day Night Analog Clock Face Uses 

Most ships use analog clock face in their bridge. A ship's bridge is a place from where the ship is controlled by the ship's captain during sailing. There are officers on watch who are constantly monitoring the progress of the voyage. These officers rely a lot on analog clock. In a ship analog clocks are referred to as Chronometer. A chronometer is an analog clock face mounted on the ships bulkhead or walls at all important places like bridge, engine room, steering gear room and every where else. The ship has no windows in its underwater compartments like engine room and steering gear rooms. So people have to know the accurate time of the day or night looking at analog clock face.


Analog Clock Face or Chronometer

 The chronometer is actually an instrument designed to keep very accurate time. They are nothing but advanced mechanical analog wall clocks. But today sailors rely on digital chronometers and computers to find accurate time. GPS works on time and thus keeps very accurate time. There is no need for mechanical chronometers anymore on the ships. But analog clocks are still put on the computer screens with green or red clock face because it is very easy to read time on an analog clock with needles. The hour and seconds needles make it easier to know time based on their angles compared to a digital clock where finding time means reading a constantly changing digits which can induce large errors. Thus analog clocks are still preferred in ships irrespective of weather they are chronometers on the wall or analog wall clocks.

HTML Embed Code - Day Night Analog Clock

Copy & Paste this HTML code below to your web page to Run MatsClock 1084 Free Day Night Analog Clock Face in Your Computer or Website and Blogs etc.

<object id="matsclock" data="" style="width: 350px; height: 350px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="quality" value="High" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> </object>




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