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Sandalwood Wall Clock

Wall Clocks were usually made of wood. You may Download MatsClock 1085 Sandalwood clock seen above or just click the clock picture above to see the clock running live. Sandalwood is the king of all woods because the wood gives out fragnance of sandalwood throughout its life. Thus a wall clock made of sandalwood will be expensive to buy and difficult to keep in a public areas because even in darkness sandalwood fragnance makes it easy to find with your nose instead of your eyes, by just smelling the sandalwood fragnance. The fragnance actually comes from an oil the wood produces. You can buy sandalwood oil also separately. But a piece of sandalwood is better because it releases the fragnance of sandalwood oil slowly almost for ever. And is there a better piece of art to buy than a sandalwood wall clock? Every second you smell sandalwood fragnance and find the time as well. Thus a sandalwood wallclock becomes something pleasing both for your eyes and your nose as well. You can View MatsClock 1085 Sandalwood Wallclock SWF version running live by just scrolling down to the end of this page.


Why is Sandalwood Famous?

Sandalwood has been one of the most sought after and the finest perfumery material since ages. The demand of sandalwood and sandalwood oil has been growing through out the history. Sandalwood is a slow growing tree and takes a hundred years to mature. Thus now a days al the sandalwood trees are protected by the government and it is a serious crime to cut a tree. You could be in jail for carrying a piece of illegal sandalwood or sandalwood oil because it is very easy to catch you from the strong smell it gives out which you just cannot stop from leaking out. Many people world over who tried to smuggle sandalwood pieces are now in jail. So even if you buy a wallclock made of sandalwood just be careful to keep the purchase bills and receipt safely because carrying a sandalwood wall clock could turn out to be equally dangerous from the point of law.


Sandalwood oil Properties

Sandalwood oil has amazing physical and chemical properties and that makes sandalwood and its oil very costly. The chemical properties has given sandalwood a special place in aroma therapy, medicine, perfumery, agarbatti, soaps, detergents, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to name a few. Sandalwood oil has been found to be helpful in treating bronchitis, common colds, skin problems, heart ailments, fever, weakness, urinary tract infections etc, inflammation of the mouth, pharynx, liver, gall bladder etc. Studies have also estabilished the medicinal properties like anti-hyperglycemic and antioxidant potentials of sandalwood oil. Going by these, making a wallclock which is just a piece of art from a medicinal plant is hard to digest as these plants grow slow and live a hundred years if we allow it.

Where is Sandalwood WallClock Produced?

There are no specific place sandalwood wallclocks are produced. Sandalwood is found in many countries like India, Australia, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines etc. The best variety of sandalwood is supposed to be Santalum Album and if you can get hold of a wallclock made of this sandalwood variety, you are lucky. Unfortunately sandalwood plants are not cut, instead they are uprooted as there is a lot of oil in the stump and roots as well which is the main reason for sandalwood likely to be extinct in a few decades. Sandalwood art work were available in old times in plenty. But uprooting the old trees with its roots for its oil and plantations owners never allowing the tree to grow more than 7 years against its life of over 100 years, does not allow our generation to ever see them in art form. In our children's generation, they may not even get to smell sandalwood as it will be an extint tree by then. Purchasing a sandalwood wallclock thus will be a treasure that will let your kids also look, feel and smell this rare wonder of the nature called sandalwood right in their own home.



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