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Gold Easter Egg 

Run Gold Easter Egg Clock. Easter eggs are a traditiion running for hundreds of years. But what if the egg is made of gold. We already know that giving an easter egg to a friend or relative is like giving a new life to them. Probably there is a comparision of an empty tomb to an egg. An egg is what gives birth to all life forms. Now imagine getting a gift of an easter egg made of pure gold glittering and dazzling in light. Easter eggs are very well decorated. An easter egg made of pure gold has to have jewels studded on it with intricate artistic carvings to match any jwellery. To highlight the importance of Gold in our life I designed this clock.  Download MatsClock 1086 Gold Easter Egg Clock  or just view this beautiful golden easter egg analog free flash clock in its .swf flash format by just scrolling down to the bottom of this page.

Gold Egg Laying Duck - Story

The duck that used to lay gold egg is an old story you may have told your children many times over and may have heard from your grand parents when you were a kid. Some school text books also have adapted the story of the gold egg laying duck or hen because it has great moral.

The Duck that Laid Gold Eggs

Once upon a time there was an old lady. She had a duck that always lay eggs made of pure gold. No one knew what magical power this duck had which made the duck lay a golden egg every day. The old lady fiercely protected her gold egg laying duck. She never sold the gold she got from the eggs her duck laid, but always gave it away to the needy and for noble cause.

The Gold Egg Laying Duck is No More

The old lady's gold egg laying duck became famous and with that came the problem. The thieves wanted to take the gold egg laying duck away from her for making some quick money. One night the thief came and took away the gold egg laying duck. The old lady was in grief. The thief waited a day to get the first golden egg. Then he had to wait another day to get the next golden egg. This was frustrating. The illiterate thief thought, why not open the duck's stomach and take out all the gold and sell them today itself instead of waiting for the gold to become an egg and wait for that egg to be laid by the duck. This could mean becoming rich today itself rather than wait for one egg a day. He took a knife and cut the belly of the gold egg laying duck. But the thief found no gold inside the duck's belly. And now the duck is also dead and that meant no more gold egg

Moral of Gold Egg Laying Duck's Story

Even a child can understand the moral behind this great simple story of a Gold egg laying duck's story. "Never be Greedy". "There is no shortcut to success."  "Patience Pays" and many more which you can come out with. Write some more morals on a piece of paper and you will be amazed how such a short and sweet story could have such deep and thought provoking morals behind it.



MatsClock 1086 Gold Easter Egg Clock

Gold always attract human beings. Gold is dug out from under the ground as nuggets or pieces of pure gold, cleaned, carved into jwellery or gold bars and sold to customer who spends money to buy gold and then puts it into his bank locker or will wear as gold ornament or keep it as gold bars or gold coins. Basically, gold does not change hands so often and is now as good as if that gold was still lying underground. Gold as an investment may be good for short term as well as long term. But for the economy of your country, gold is bad because investment in land gives continuous revenue every time land changes hands from one owner to another. But gold just stays inside a bank locker as ornament or gold bar and hardly ever changes ownership which means the country does not get any tax or revenue when compared to land or real estate. Yet, gold is the most precious metal and weather it is long or short term investment, buying gold is anyday a good option.


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