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He died on 19 Jul 15. It was a perfectly curable disease. But somehow the detection was delayed and we lost him. No one knew his clock was ticking. We all thought he will recover in four months as the doctors said. Even the doctors never knew he had a time bomb with a clock that was live inside and it was a matter of time that even he knew about this ticking clock inside. We tried our best. But time does not stop for anyone. This is the real story of my relative who had lymphoma cancer wrongly diagnosed and then detected as Lymph Node Cancer after four months when his lymphoma clock was ticking away towards his end and the next three months of pain and finally his death. A story that unfolded over seven months. If you are  interested then read the full story below.



My 69 year old relative never had any major medical problems in life. Had a good eating habit and was perfectly healthy. One fine day he complains of some pain in his armpit. There was a bit of swelling. He goes to hospital and they give some medicine for pain. The pain continues and he keeps meeting doctors who decided that it is Tuberculosis. They start TB medicine. No one could imagine it was a cancer and he was losing time on the clock.



After four months of TB treatment, when the swelling remained and started growing in size causing more pain, the doctors decide to do a biopsy. The biopsy takes one month to come through and they could not find out what exactly the cells are doing. The clock was ticking and they can't decide if it is a cancer at all leave aside lymphoma cancer. They refer him to another hospital and they ask for the same samples taken in the previous hospital. This hospital too fails to detect any cancer. They waste three weeks on the clock for him doing this biopsy. So they ask for another Biopsy.



All the while my relative had the clock ticking in various stages of lymphoma cancer and the hospitals and doctors were not able to find out what. They call for a second biopsy and take samples from some fresh swellings on the shoulder. They another three weeks and say it is probably lymphoma cancer. They reluctantly advice chemotherapy.



Lymphoma cancer is cured using chemotherapy if it is already spread and other wise they advice radiation therapy to kill isolated lymph node cancer. In this case, there were more than five lymph nodes swelling as the lymphoma cancer was spreading throughout his body. So they decide on chemetherapy as cure. Two chemotherapy were done with a gap of 21 days. But before the next chemotherapy after 21 days the armpit swelling restarts and becomes the size a bit larger than a cricket ball in about five days. The doctors panic and makes a mistake of not doing the chemotherapy due in next five days and go for radiation therapy for 10 days on the armpit cancerous growth. This was a big mistake.



As I said earlier, lymphoma cancer is a cancer of the lymph node. In this case it starts spreading as the third chemotherapy was missed and radiation of a single area started. His clock was ticking even faster now. After the radiation therapy for next few days he undergoes very severe extream pain in that area. Plus there were other areas where the lymphoma has spread inside his abdomen and in his groin. He was under very severe body pain, back ache, leg ache, shoulder pain and every type of pain you can imagine. He cannot sleep, cannot sit, cannot stand, cannot liedown, keeps getting angry, cries out of pain and it was not possible to watch this even for a few minutes. But we went through it with him.



Almost all days were in hospital now as his pain had to be controlled by doctors only in a hospital. The doctors do another scan and declare that now he is in the third stage of lymphoma lymph node cancer. He was having non-hodgkins type of cancer which is the most dangerous and the clock of death cannot be stopped compared to hodgkins type lymph node cancer which is curable with radiation and chemo thereapy. He was shattered. Till now he and we were hopeful of his recovery. But now he lost interest in life. He stopped eating and drinking. His right leg swells as the lymph node swells in his groin and it was the size of an elephant leg which he could not move due to its sheer weight and pain as the skin and flesh stretched with growing water content in the leg. His body weight just plunged. The chemotherapy was also causing loss of taste in the mouth, killing his hunger and throat pain preventing him from taking food and water. His body was just skin and bone in a month's time and had a huge right leg which even we found too heavy to lift and manoeuvre for him.




It did not take long for his clock to stop. He could not eat, the doctors did nothing to feed him through a tube or IV. He lost all his energy and even breathing became difficult. The pain he underwent could not be seen even by the nurses in the hospital. One night his blood oxygen saturation came below 50% even thought he was on oxygen. He started hellucinating by midnight and pulled away his oxygen mask and his heart stopped for a few minutes. The nurse brought him back using a defibrillator and tried to shift him to ICU but by the time they managed to shift him, he was gone once again. There was no point bringing him back to life as he would be under pain and would have gone again some time later. We could not see him lying motionless but in our heart of heart felt that God has delivered him from his sufferings. The Lympoma ordeal lasted for total seven months including the four months lost in detecting the Lymph Node Cancer. Just three weeks later his wife too expired. The priest in the church also said that what ever happened was for good as both husband and wife lived for over half a century together and were blessed that they went to heaven within a short span and their souls have reunited for another life, beyond life.



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 I designed MatsClock 1088 free flash clock in the memory of my close relative who died of Lymphoma Cancer. The MatsClock 1088 was inspired by the wreaths in various shapes and floral decorations that people who knew him honoured him with. You can send this clock to anyone you want where a death has happened in an email or on phone. You can even insert MatsClock 1088 in your website or blog or even your powerpoint presentation. Copy & Paste this HTML code below to inset the Lymphoma or Lymph Node Cancer Clock into your web page (MatsClock 1088 HTML Embed Code)

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