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Often people ask me to create a custom flash clock for powerpoint presentations. The recent clock I created for a visitor was for his powerpoint presentation. The only difference in that powerpoint flash clock and the MatsClock 1089 Flash Clock is that MatsClock 1089 was replaced by his company logo. I am sure everyone will agree that a powerpoint presentation done with a live clock ticking on the screen with your logo embedded on the clock dial will certainly be a visual treat. A simple clock with simple needles which show time keeps the audience glued to the powerpoint presentation slide being presented.  Download MatsClock 1089 PowerPoint Flash Swf Clock - Click Here

How to Embed MatsClock Flash Clock in PPT?

Embedding a matsclock flash .swf file into powerpoint presentation slide is not difficult at all. Just follow a few simple steps given in this link - Insert Flash Swf Clocks in PowerPoint.  Everything depends on the powerpoint version installed in your computer. In case you do not know how to insert a matsclock free flash clock into your powerpoint presentation, then just download the ppt file with a pre-inserted matsclock in it. You can use that powerpoint file as it is or may be learn from it or may be modify it to suite your own requirements.


Why Use Powerpoint Flash Clock?

A Powerpoint presentation will become a drag if there is only written matter. People often put lots of written matter in powerpoint slides. Then they start reading it from the ppt slide on screen. Amazingly that bores the audience. Powerpoint presentation slides are supposed to be in not more than three colours. One colour for the powerpoint slide background, the second colour should be given to the heading. The third and last colour used should be of the written matter in the bullets on the slide. I recommend the powerpoint presentation background to be dark blue, the heading in yellow and the written matter in the bullets in the powerpoint slides to be in white. Yellow and white may be interchanged but background is best left in dark blue. Black will also do good. But any other colour will reduce the contrast. Avoid putting any background traffic. When people get bored of your powerpoint presentation if you happen to be not including some humour and quotes then people will start looing at their wrist watches for time to tell you that it is time to stop. But if you put a good eye catching picture or an animation on the screen itself, then you are going to get people attentive again as it breaks the monotony. If you have none then, put a matsclock free flash clock on the screen which will give time and people cannot look down on their wrist watch to see the time.


The Art of Presenting a PowerPoint Presentation

It does not require you to have a lot of experience. Neither do you have to be and expert. But you must be ready to work a little bit to gain knowledge about the project you are presenting using the powerpoint presentation. Doing a little study on the subject, preparing the powerpoint presentation slides one self, getting a few quotes from the internet along with some humour and a little bit of the history of the subject which most people may not be aware of could help make the powerpoint presentation interesting to the audience. Using powerpoint presentation automatic slide change with timing could be helpful only if you have a pre-written script which you have rehearsed many times are confident. If you are going to read your script then have someone help you change the powerpoint slide during the presentation at the correct time or point in the script which should mark for the helper to press the next slide button. If you are going to talk without a script then either change the powerpoint slides yourself which most likely you are going to forget or trying to remember when to change the slide is going to break your thought process. Have a helper to change the powerpoint slide in this case as well.


How does MatsClock Free Flash Clocks help in Powerpoint Presentation?

A helper who you employ to change the powerpoint presentation slide to the next one or next topic by pressing a keyboard or mouse button will need to know when to change the slide. He has to be more attentive to what you are speaking than your audience. But having a MatsClock Free Flash Clock swf flile embedded in your powerpoint presentation will give him the exact time to change the slide if you have rehearsed your presentation with him a few times. He can note the time at which each slide or topic changed. You can analyse this timings when the slides were changed and make adjustments to each slide so that your overall presentation time is withing the limit provided to you and you also know which slides you took too long, which slide took you too little time and then adjust your script or contents in the powerpoint presentation slides to ensure that there is even time distribution within your presentation. This is a very important aspect that can help you in creating a gripping powerpacked powerpoint presentation that can leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Insert Swf Flash Clock in Powerpoint Presentation

Here is a PowerPoint 2013 version Presentation Slide with MatsClock 1089 already inserted inside a presentation slide. You can view it or modify it in case you do not know how to embed the flash file into powerpoint which is also easy. This presentation you are dowloading will open in PowerPoint Version 2013. You can see the presentation slide how it looks and modify it or use it as is.


Insert Swf Flash Clock File in Your Website

In case you have a website then you can Copy & Paste this HTML code below to iinsert MatsClock 1089 Powerpoint Clock in your website as well  You can see the beautiful free flash clock MatsClock 1089 running live just below that and this is how it will look when you embed MatsClock 1089 in your website or blog.

<object id="matsclock" data="" style="width: 350px; height: 350px" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="movie" value="" /> <param name="quality" value="High" /> <param name="wmode" value="transparent" /> </object>



 Download This Clock - Click Here


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