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MatsClock 1401 PowerPoint Free Analog Clock
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Free Animated E-Greetings Card WallClock

MatsClock 1401 was designed to be an egreetings card Wall Clock in flash swf format. The aim of designing this e greetings card wallclock was to let people who love clocks and wrist watches to send out their seasons greetings embedded inside the dial of a wallclock or wrist watch.

E-Greeting Card Free Flash Clock

Send this Clock as a regular E-Card Greeting Card. It is a zip file containing two files. The "MatsClock-1401" and a text file named "extmessages.txt". You can either extract both files to your desktop or into a separate folder. Open the extmessages.txt file and edit the workds you see in Capitals between the "=" and "&". Save the file and send both files together to anyone. The messge you put in the text file will show in the Clock when anyone runs the clock. Distribute your greetings to as many of your friends or relatives as you want. It is Free !

Amazing Free Flash Clock E-Greeting Card

View MatsClock-1401 It is only 7 KB file size. I made this free flash clock to catch the eye. The rotating gears took some time to come in. But I gave a second set of gears rotating in the opposite direction for added attention by the viewer. To give a good metallic look to the clock and improve its graphite look, I made this flash clock have a thick broad metallic grey frame inside the rotating gears with some shine.

Then I gave the flash clock a very simple seconds needle that smoothly rotates to show you the time pass as smoothly as possible. The hour and minutes needles in the clock are also standard, but without any shadows so that they do not take away attention from the rotating gears frame of this free flash clock. Overall the clock looked good to me and I put it up here.

How to Send E-Card Greeting Cards Clock ?

You can change the text given in orange color inside the clock permanently and send this flash clock free to all your friends and relatives. What you need to do is to just Download MatsClock 1401 E-Greeting Card Free Flash Clock Double click on the downloaded zip file to find two files inside. Extract the two files into a separate folder by selecting both files and dragging them out. Now open the "extmessages.txt" file and change the text you see in bold which you saw on the clock also. Be careful to change the text between the "=" and "&" only. The = sign denotes the beginning of your message or greetings and the & at the end of your text to be displayed on the flash clock. After changing the text "Save" the file and close it. Now open the free flash clock MatsClock-1401 and you will see your text message or Greetings displayed on the clock. Now you can send these two files together to any friend or relative or anyone. Every time they run this free flash clock, they will see your message.