Animated EGreetings Card WallClock

MatsClock 1402 PowerPoint Clock
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Animated Free Flash Swf EGreetings Card WallClock

MatsClock 1402 is a free flash clock swf wallclock designed for you to send out your greetings inside this free egreetings card wall clock. The wallclock was animated to give a simple rescue buoy that is rotating. The needles of the clock were kept purposely as black bars to ensure that people notice the outer frame rotation animation. This egreetings card wall clock was designed only in grey and black colours so that the greetings in orange colour stands out.

How to Send EGreegings Card inside this Wallclock ?

Sending Egreetings embedded inside this wall clock is very simple. Just open the external text file that comes along with this free flash clock. Open it and change only what you see written in CAPITAL letters. The other part of the text file is required for displaying the greetings inside the wallclock and they are actually codes. Once you changed the text in capital, save the file. Ensure that you send both the matsclock 1402 and the text file together to who ever you want. Without the text file in the same folder as the matsclock 1402 your greetings will not show up inside the clock. So send special instruction that both these files are to be placed in the same directory to view your egreetings inside this wallclock.