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Difference Between Digital & Analog Clock ?

MatsClock 1500 is an analog clock with digital time display. Often people ask me what is the difference between a digital clock and and analog clock. I don't think most people know the difference. If you have noticed in the analog clock above, I mean the big round clock dial with a set of needles indicating the time in hours minutes and seconds. Now look at the time displayed in the digital clock inside. Have you found out all the differences between analog clock display and digital clock display ?

This is the Difference Between Analog and Digital Clock

The basic difference between analog and digital clock is the way you find time looking at them. In an analog clock you can look at the clock and in less than a second you know what time it is in the nearest seconds, minutes and hours by the angle at which the needles of the clock are at. If you notice, I have not given the numerals around the clock dial and yet you could read the time in the analog clock. But now look at the digital clock. In the digital format you need to read the time by reading the numerals.

The Second Difference Between Analog and Digital Time Format

In a digital clock you cannot make out the rate at which the time is passing because your brain has not been practicing it and it is difficult to read the digits changing in the seconds place and you cannot determine the rate at which the numbers are changing. But the analog clock has a seconds needle which changes its angle with respect to time as time ticks. You may not believe this. But you can actually make a mental picture or rather a video of the clock needle ticking at the same rate and guess the time as it passes even if you close your eyes. So you can actually know the rate of time looking and even without looking at analog clock needles, but you cannot guess the rate at which time is passing by looking at a digital clock.

The Third Amazing Difference Between Analog Clock and Digital Clocks

The most important difference between a digital clock and analog clock is that Analog Clocks have no language. It is the needles which you see and find the time. But to read time in a digital clock you will need to learn the language in which the numerals are written (normally english). So if you show analog clock then anyone can read the time. I feel that this is an amazing difference that brings analog clock as the winner compared to a digital clock.